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CFUW-Northumberland Scholarships and Bursaries

Over the past twenty-four years, CFUW Northumberland has offered scholarships to enable young women across the County to pursue higher education. Recent graduates of local high schools received funds to go to McMaster, Brock, Queens, Carleton and Ottawa Universities; and Sir Sandford Fleming College

We also offer two bursaries for students with high grade point averages already enrolled in programs at Trent University and Sir Sandford Fleming College.

Member contributions and Scholarship Luncheon revenue are put to excellent use in fulfilling our goal of promoting academic achievement and development in the young women who live in our community. We thank all for being part of this vibrant group of educated and committed women who are making a difference in supporting the promotion of further education for young women in Northumberland.

First Nations, Metis, Inuit Award

As there were no applicants for the 2017 FNMI award through the high schools in Northumberland County, CFUW-N has had to rethink the design of this award and the most effective way for us to support further education for female indigenous students. 

In our efforts to direct the money where most needed, we sought advice from the staff at the First Peoples House of Learning at Trent University. This process revealed that many dedicated returning female indigenous students would benefit from financial help. Making funds available to this group would continue to fulfill our goal to promote and assist female indigenous students with their education. 

CFUW-N has therefore decided to redirect the award money for the FNMI bursary to the First Peoples House of Learning at Trent University starting in 2018.  

Returning FNMI female Students at Trent University should apply through the First Peoples House of Learning. 


“In receiving the CFUW Northumberland award, it meant that I could proceed to university and continue my education with no debt. I was honoured to have been the recipient of this award coming from such strong women in the community.”
“If it wasn’t for organizations such as the CFUW, I would not have been likely to fund my post-secondary studies. The fact that I am a first-generation post-secondary graduate within my family is such an accomplishment and an amazing feeling.”
“This award was, and remains, very important to me as scholarships such as yours allowed me to take advantage of every opportunity university life had to offer.”