30th Anniversary Fundraising Webinar A Great Success!

Dr. Roberta Bondar

“There is more to spaceflight than the voyage,” says Dr. Bondar, the world’s first neurologist in space, the first female Canadian astronaut and global pioneer in environmental education.  In a Webinar talk made possible through a unique partnership between CFUW-N and The Roberta Bondar Foundation, Dr. Bondar shared her insights into the natural world with a focus on migratory birds and the impacts of climate change and human activity. She showed participants a selection of her stunning photographs of Canada’s National Parks and the hidden migration patterns of endangered birds such as the Whooping Crane. Taken with her Hasselblad camera which enabled her to capture huge panoramas, all the images are stunning works of art as well as important records of the world’s changing landscapes. Dr. Bondar ended her talk by showing us a series of photographs taken over the years of herself searching the skies through the binoculars she inherited from her father. An inspiration to all girls and women who dream of achieving great things!

MaryJane Boyle, Moderator, and Dr. Roberta Bondar, Special Guest Speaker Webinar Screenshot Capture

The webinar was introduced by our president, Christine Kwiatkowski and moderated by MaryJane Boyle. MaryJane is a previous CFUW-N scholarship recipient. Her family comes from Alderville First Nation. 68 people attended the webinar and many more purchased tickets or made donations that will enable CFUW-Northumberland to provide future scholarships to the girls and women of Northumberland County.

Susan Somerville, vice-president, announced that in honour of our 30th anniversary and to mark 30 years since Dr. Bondar first went into space, CFUW-N will fund a new scholarship for 2022 in Dr. Bondar’s name.


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